Made in Italy

Tradition and technology come together to create a refined design product.

When we talk about Made in Italy quality control becomes an indispensable factor.

The Flexstyle product is followed in all its development by careful and expert hands, and in every sector a control is carried out that guarantees the integrity of the product.

We start with the selection of timber coming from reforestation woods, for the realization of the Flexstyle upholstered structures. Then the padding is made of polyurethane foam of different densities (both of the cushions and of the structure), until the soft fiber covering which makes the sofa pleasant even when it is unlined. Finally the dress of the Flexstyle upholstery: this is treated with the same maniacal attention in the details as the tailor does with a formal dress.

Every detail can not be neglected because it is precisely on this that the company focuses. The high degree of aesthetics, with which it is usual to work in Italy, means that the Made in Italy product gets notable recognition also abroad.