Elegant modernity

The softness is what contrasts with the static formosity of New York. The curves follow the entire design within the structure of the sofa to better accommodate our curves. The feather pillows do the rest. The multiplicity of the latter leaves space for customization that is enriched by the practical curved steel headrest for a more traditional feeling of comfort. The profile becomes modern and almost timidly colors the entire structure.

A young, modular and continuously moving sofa; this is how New York differs: due to the very high level of personalization that characterizes it. It is in fact a sofa without back cushions but full of as many cushions able to complete its relaxation function. Everyone can choose how to rest on their sofa. The configurations of our back are as varied as the age, height and weight of those who sit. Thanks to the numerous cushions compatible with this model you can choose as you like to be able to wrap from New York. Also in the accentuated color by the very fine seam with a canete profile that can make your sofa truly unique.

The processing with Profilo is available in tone-on-tone or in canete fabric. In the latter case, specify the color in the order (see Catalog).

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

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Technical features