Cutting-edge technology

Craftsmanship meets innovation and move hand in hand creating something unique, sought after. The elegant finishes, which distinguish themselves by acquiring a slightly classic tone, embellish the structure. The double coloring enhances the movements and the curved lines that are further emphasized by a fine seam that traces the profiles. The modern design of this armchair and the craftsmanship make it an armchair with a pleasant taste. The base creates movement and lifts it from the ground in a minimalist and absolutely light way.

Picked’s material and technological innovation make it an armchair with a unique and easily identifiable character. The curves are harmonious and tidy and its dimensions are such as to follow those of the body in all its shape until it is supported above the head. The second base gives it more stability and makes it versatile: it is a geometric line that contrasts with the curves of the chair itself but gives it importance.

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Technical features