Modernity, Design and Technology

The transformable par excellence is Shape, the sofa bed that contains technology, innovation and design. The joint work between engineering and sartorial skills has led Flexstyle to create a product with competitive measures. In this new model of transformable it was possible to contain the refinement of an electro-welded and rigorously Made in Italy network in a padded piece suspended from the ground. The suspension is obtained thanks to practical invisible feet, made of plexiglass. The armrest, equipped with a particular seam, draws the modern and soft line and the cushions that carefully incorporates the structure and softens it, draws welcoming and practical lines. Inside the backrests it is possible to place the heavier pillows and blankets and to repair them from dust to be used when necessary.

During the opening phase all the cushions are fixed to the structure to facilitate the movement, and also to avoid creating mess in the home. The mattress contained inside the structure, rests comfortably on a network of evaporated wooden slats, linked together with elastic straps to better distribute the weight when we are lying down. A sofa in bed can really make us rest and not only work as an emergency bed.

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Technical features