New suspension and comfort

Softness and elegance are the two main characteristics of Sherwood. The softness is in the seat, where a new mixture of polyurethane has given birth to a cozy comfort; the coating, in quilted feathers, gives movement and craftsmanship to the sofa. The back, also in feather, completes the feeling of softness, enriching the project with pleasant curves. An elegant and refined design accentuated by the quality of the coating. The fabric is light, easily recognizable thanks to the typical flaming of linen. The seam emphasizes every corner and in the front part of the armrest, a space is created that accentuates this type of workmanship and its elegant foot.

The details are that on which the gaze dwells, and of these the mind always keeps a vivid memory. Through the details craftsmanship is also communicated, highlighted through unique processes that arise from the combination of the passion of the craft and the continuous research in innovation. The materials are what distinguish the product; without them there would not be such a high quality content.

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Technical features