The dynamic living room

An elegant sofa with soft lines. A composition of cushions that creates an enveloping and complete comfort. An excellent support guaranteed by the presence of lumber supports in real feather, and a headrest with a highly soft fiber cushion. The headrest mechanism has two practical positions: the one at rest, where the headrest is ordered and becomes one with the backrest, and the support one, where the headrest is raised and the cushion approaches slightly to the inside in order to follow the shapes of the body. A multipurpose sofa, which is able to fit in any environment, ranging from classic to contemporary.

A sofa with round and graceful shapes, that follow and welcome those of the body in a complete manner. Thanks to the practical movement of the headrest we find a solid support even in the highest comfort zone. The decoration on the cushions seems to remember the trail of a star, which leaves a pleasant signature.

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Technical features