Design Up

From the joint work of designers and master craftsmen, Strauss is a high-quality product in which softness and formality go hand in hand to create something unique and special. Special as the seat consists of 4 different layers of polyurethane processed so as to be able to accommodate in a complete and uniform. A session born from the combination of concave and convex shapes that are able to complement each other. It is characterized by a seating system with modular shapes that give the model added value.

Strauss is able to give life to conventional compositions, but also to furnish, being designed as a finished element. The variety and versatility of the elements that make it up make it a product with a strong personality.

It is a sofa full of movement whose monocoque work seems, only aesthetically, to constrain its size. Its modularity and its particular quilting on the seat make it a sofa able to adapt in all environments and create different furnishing situations, able to change over time. Decorate with character housing and common areas such as hall, lounge bar and waiting rooms.

Holders of the company’s craftsmanship, Strauss also strikes in the leather upholstery, in which, however, the quilting that characterizes it is lost. The raw cut processing carried out on such a noble savannah skin enhances its aesthetic and quality characteristics. A unique material, cured by hands moved by passion. An expert, clean skin cut, without uncertainties, and a careful but constant seam in movement. These are some of the secrets of a difficult and increasingly sought after work.

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

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Technical features