Refined compactness

Allevi encloses the secret of essentiality. A project with evolved solutions for a new concept of everyday living spaces, ever closer and in constant change. With this model, in just 90 cm it was possible to enclose the pleasure, using as much as possible the comfort zone, the seat, reducing the overall dimensions of the armrests and the backrest to a minimum. Both, however, are enriched by a molded, hand-shaped polyurethane foam that enhances the curvature on the inside. The height of the armrest is the same as the backrest so as to be modular and versatile. A new, fresh model that follows trends and can be customized. To each one’s own taste will be leaved the customization of the cushions, whose formal disorder creates order with the comfort.

Each element is made to be able to live in its own right, thanks to its modularity it is able to move inside the furniture without making a difference with the project for which it was initially conceived. Light and practical, you can move it easily. It generates movement if interspersed with elements without backrest such as the pouf, or static if taken together with other elements.

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

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Technical features