The icon of classical elegance

Listed as the classic par excellence, Alvin is born to be staged, to be left to look, a fascinating product, elegant but above all with a high degree of comfort. It is a model that could amaze even when seated. Alvin, with its soft seats in real feather with polyurethane foam insert, is able to cradle and at the same time make you dream. The details make it a unique, elegant and refined product. The base seems to invite the viewer with a sort of graceful poetry: on the one hand it tilts in the opposite direction to the conventional, almost to accommodate the overlying pillow, which sinks into a special combination of feathers and polyurethane. The armrest facing outwards invites us to surrender to its softness. The seam with tone-on-tone or contrasting profile using canete, enhances the classic perception of this model.

The finish with Profile, is less when you are slicing the BODY QUILT. The processing with Profilo is available in tone-on-tone or in canete fabric. In the latter case, specify the color in the order (see Catalog).

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Technical features