Juxtaposition of volumes

The timeless, the enduring of the company, but at the same time, the most revised, improved and loved. In its simplicity and formal cleanliness it has found various appreciations over time, but its evolution has never stopped. Seen and revised has changed both inside and out. From the armrest to the back, the shape keeps its lines; it is stable, modern and current. This essential modernity obtained from the right combination of volumes does not neglect comfort, but improves it. Even the backrest cushion is improved, which is enriched by an invisible seam of a cylindrical cushion able to support and wrap the body curves.

Being available in three different depths (Butterfly 100/110/120), it is possible to personalize the seat with the addition of decorative cushions or headrest cushions to improve the comfort.

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

Also available in the depth measurements 110 and 120, respectively Butterfly 110 and Butterfly 120.

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Technical features