Craftsmanship and tradition

Geometric and orderly lines are what characterize the entire Butterfly family. Straight lines that turn into something new; more fresh, young and modern. In the new collection, detail becomes indispensable. With it also the exaltation of the sought-after, crafted product, like Butterfly New. Thirty years of company experience brings historical models to light by revisiting them and improving them with new materials that are increasingly technically performing. The engineering of the tools, together with the artisan heart, give life to unique products in the genre. Characterized by a taste that distinguishes the Flexstyle’s line.

The modern reinterpretation of the best seller model of the company at the end of the nineties accentuates the company’s sartorial skills. The renowned pinched finish follows the cutting profiles of the fabric. Each template is redesigned and improved, to create something unique, again. The sophisticated stitching enhances every detail. An example is the roller cushion used to support the backrest.

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

Also available in the depth measurements 110 and 120, respectively Butterfly 110 and Butterfly 120.

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Technical features