Elegant volumes in movement

The silent mechanism of the back used for Butterfly Move creates two practical situations. In the first, which is when the mechanism is flush with the structure of the sofa, we have a situation of relaxation. Those who sit down will find a very deep but comfortable seat that can accommodate and let rest. In the second one, the mechanism is moved forward and the situation created is ideal for conversation and reading: this is a position that maintains the comfort unaltered but is more composed, neat. To ensure that this movement takes place on the seat, a process has been carried out that harmoniously accompanies the change. A multi-purpose seating system that gives the model a silent dynamism.

Attentive to new trends, Butterfly Move has led to the “family” movement, enriching it even more than arguments. By combining the various models with each other, the possible compositions become more numerous, managing to really satisfy everyone. Staticity, dynamism or both?

The choice is up to you.

Modular model with Butterfly, Butterfly 110 and Butterfly 120.

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Technical features