The timeless par excellence.

Appreciated for the high craftsmanship, it is distinguished by the pleating on the armrest and the rich capitonné work of the back. Product of great craftsmanship, it is worked entirely by hand, as it once was. In the base where the seat cushions are seated, the spiral steel springs attached to each other with a hemp rope are fixed. The structure is in aged solid wood and the padding of the back and the armrests is in high density polyurethane foam to remain indeformable over time. On the front of the armrest a pleating stopped by a leather-covered biscuit refines this great classic with mastery. Beloved for its charm, and for the atmosphere that creates the longest living room among the designer sofas, with the feathered seat becomes a sofa to use.

The Chester sofa is considered to be the most famous sofa in the world. Its origins date back to the early twenties of the eighteenth century, when a young English craftsman made one on commission for the then earl of Chesterfield. From there it soon reached our continent passing through the most prestigious English country houses and clubs. The chester sofa is suitable for any type of furniture, from the classic with which it is perfectly combined with its harmonious lines, to the modern one in which it emerges as a work of art.

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Technical features