Soft and enveloping

The Club bed is characterized by soft and enveloping lines embellished by the craftsmanship of the “bambolina” stitching. The upholstery is available in a large quantity of fabrics and leathers that deliberately leave a glimpse of the softness of the project. A bed that interprets sleep in its deepest meaning. The straight and composed lines communicate simplicity and favor the rest, the curved and repetitive lines are thick and casual, as are the dreams. A bed that in its elegance transmits its thoughts, delicate and silent. The practical and wide container hides the change of season from view.

The padding of the headboard is soft and welcoming and creates the right support. The same feeling of softness is reproduced throughout the project. In fact, the side members and the footboard are also completely covered in polyurethane and fiber with high softness, thus giving an incredible sensation of softness to the whole environment.

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Technical features