Classic and enveloping

Soft and elegant lines trace the Dallas sofa with classic taste. A project that sees in the softness an essential sign. The soft curves of the armrest are pleasantly wrapped by the seat which, being covered with a quill in real feather, gives the seat a refined comfort. The feeling of sitting is comfortable and enveloping and the back, also in feather, supports with calmness and lightness.

Sophisticated and refined details make the products unique and easily identifiable. The tubular that supports the base in fact has been made of metal with a matte Bronze finish giving the elements the right color tip.

A refined aesthetic language that is expressed in soft and proportionate forms. Comfortable shapes, able to adapt to the increasingly attentive and demanding public. The backrest cushion has a new shape and a very fine seam retraces the profile sideways, giving lightness and cleanness. The armrest decorated with a horizontal movement band and seems to counteract the softness of the design. An intrinsic softness that can be deduced from every element.

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Technical features

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