Design and innovation

The sight, the touch, the perfume, the hearing are all senses that are stimulated when you sit on a sofa. The sight recognizes the pleasantness of the model, the touch recognizes the covering, the grain, the material but also the combinations of feather and polyurethane hidden inside the structure and the seats. The perfume, especially for leather upholstery, are the major precursors of the craftsmanship of the product. Finally the hearing: when we sit on our sofa we must feel the feather that slowly floats inside the cushions. These are very important factors that help us to verify the quality with which the products are made.

Thin structure, flush feet, narrow and curved armrest, are some of the characteristic details of Elite. A model with small dimensions that contains the secret of comfort, thanks to a very high back cushion. A sofa to live, modular and able to create fun games of full and empty.

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Technical features