Elegant tailoring

Elegance is what dominates in Estelle. An elegance that is evident from the particular seam that gives it a classic character without aging but enriching it with color. An important seam made with a thick cotton cord. A cord that can be customized in color to uniform with the sofa or to play with the different shades available. The structure is light, suspended by a bronzed aluminum casting foot. A pin with a design that refers to the classic created specifically for a timeless sofa, just like Estelle. The back cushions create full and empty situations and allow a glimpse of the design that goes from the armrest to the entire backrest; the same design that enhances the decorative cushions that complete the comfort of the relax.

The attention to detail, the passion for innovation and the uniqueness of the work has led us to rediscover the “stitching horse”. A striking seam that not only brings out the product, but also highlights the covering material. The leather, having a different thickness from the fabric, is the one that best enhances this type of process. In addition to a precise cut and a tailor’s seam, those who make these products have skilled hands and work the leather with the same precision with which a tailor creates a formal dress. Passion and quality, this is the secret of a craft that lasts over time.

The angular compositions are obtained by simply juxtaposing the various elements together.

On request it is possible to realize the back cushion of the dimensions of the seat cushion.

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Technical features

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