Suspension and balance

Flight is the suspended model that is born between elegance and comfort. An elegance that comes from the care of the details. The light structure lifts the sofa from the ground, leaves it floating in an orderly and composed manner. Backrests and armrests surround the base made with an indeformable sheet of multi-layered wood. The feathered seat cushions wrap the armrests nicely in the front, but do not cover the workmanship. Here, a small “bambolina” seam retraces the front part and then reappears in the decorative cushions. On the back of the structure instead, a more traditional seam traces the edges, the same that follow also the thin base. By highlighting so many details, we want to focus on what really is the Flexstyle sofa: something created and worked only by passionate hands.

Since this is not a sofa with springs under the traditional seat, due to the innovative whole base, the seat cushions have been realized with a polyurethane foam core. They are therefore able to adapt to all occasions and respond optimally. The real feather quilt lining improves seating comfort.

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Technical features

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