Design and practicality

The linearity in the Il Volo model reaches perfection. A sober project that eliminates the superfluous and lives essentially of two suitably composed lines, that of the soft and enveloping seat, and that of the backrest, light and dynamic. A backrest that is born from the balance between strength and design, and creates a movement able to enclose night and day, conversation and relaxation. The conversation, facilitated by a 65 cm seat, is designed for the office, the day and the breakfast. The relax is instead a seat of 85 cm designed for the evening, comfort and free time. The project is part of a collection of upholstery with multiple uses and versatility. In addition to traditional compositions, modern furnishing solutions can be created thanks to the many sizes available in the catalog.

The movement of the backrests takes place in an orderly and silent manner. Thanks to the recess created in the special seats, the backrest can be moved forward and back, which at the end of its stroke has a mechanical stop designed to prevent slipping. The classic armrest is replaced by the roller cushion, which has a weight in the lower part that limits its movement.

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Technical features